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Comprehensive assessment
Comprehensive assessment

Comprehensive assessment

The Help with Addiction Assessment begins by calling the Houghton House enquiry line. You will then speak to a professional person who is equipped to carry out a brief telephonic evaluation of the next step forward. This may involve immediate admission and or setting up an assessment.  rehabs near me

Before our patients embark on any treatment programme, they undergo a comprehensive professional assessment by one of our experienced clinical team. This ensures that the recommended treatment programme meets the patient’s requirements. The assessment process is designed to ascertain their current and past substance use history, family support, psychiatric, psychological and motivational status.

Should the individual require Help with Addiction and be willing to be admitted directly the practical aspects of this process can be facilitated with our support. An assessment process will identify the treatment needs to be based on the individual’s emotional, physical and psychiatric history.

The Houghton House assessment process comprises of the collection of pertinent and relevant information on the client, engaging in a process with the patient that enables the addiction counsellor to understand the patient’s willingness for recovery and change.

We look at problem areas, diagnoses, disabilities, and strengths. Our assessment will involve a medical examination of the functioning and well-being of the client and may include a number of tests and exercises.

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