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Tax Resolution Specialist
Tax Resolution Specialist

Tax Resolution Specialist

Selecting the right Tax Resolution Specialist to address your tax problems is vitally important. It can actually make you or break you. If you make the right choice, your IRS problems will be resolved, make the wrong choice and you’re done for! Your choice can be CPA (Certified Public Account), CTRS (Certified Tax Resolution Specialist) or a Tax Attorney, but you must remember to choose your representative wisely.

It’s relatively easy to find a selection of certified tax professionals to represent you simply by using Google or looking in the yellow pages. You will find a wide selections of names, but now how do you know which is the right professional to help with your tax returns, delinquent taxes, audit problems or any other tax debt issues? tax resolution

Most legitimate, upfront Tax Resolution Specialists will together with their firm, offer a free consultation. In your first interview you should be able to determine if they are there to just charge you high hourly rate prices, additional fees and penalties. Weed out all impostors and incompetent accountants and lawyers.

Before going in to speak to a Tax Resolution Specialist, know exactly what your IRS issues are.

What exactly are you up against?

Are you facing personal income tax issues such as a fraud victim or an innocent spouse?

Or is it business tax issues like sales tax, or unpaid income tax concerning your business?

On what level do you face your tax problems? Is it with state or federal, or both?

Are your problems confined to one jurisdiction and state?

Have you just recently discovered your tax problem or is the IRS already aware?

Has the IRS contacted you yet? And if so, have you just ignored it hoping it would go away?

Are your documents needed together or you haven;t a clue?

Have you had a visit at your workplace or your home from the IRS?

Has the IRS asked for a personal check to resolve the issue?

Do you have a wage garnishment, seized property or a tax lien?

These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself to understand exactly what type of control you need to have.

Because there are a variety of different types of tax professionals, you must understand that not all are created equal and have the skills required to negotiate with the IRS. For example, a CPA may be less expensive per their hourly rate as opposed to a tax lawyer, they cannot accomplish what a good tax attorney can. A CPA will be good at getting your documents in order so you have a better understanding of your past history. A Tax Resolution Specialist battles the IRS on a daily basis and is knowledgeable of the latest laws, has learned the secrets to better help resolve your tax issues.

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